Thursday, 17 December 2015

Members of FODIDE say thank you

We the members of FODIDE do extend our sincere thanks to Hon Taaka Kevina Member of Parliament representing Busia Municipality for lobbying and coodinating the support of over a hundred wheel chairs and fifty pairs of crutches to our members, this has been a great achievement to our organization. May the almighty bless you for the good heart.

Hon Member of Parliament codinates a donation of wheel chairs to members of FODIDE

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sitting Volley ball competetively played by persons with disabilities so good

Leading by example the head of the organization holding the ball in blue, learn from me as he was teaching members how to play an interesting game. Volley ball is a game which persons with disabilities have picked interest in because its easy to play so far teams have been formed to play competitively however we still lack equipments which is now our major challenge.

Women with disabilities train volley ball its a game which has been introduced in our district, many women have embraced the game seeing it easy to play and enjoying. 

Friday, 12 April 2013


Poverty is considered to be a major obstacle to any development effort. It denies the disabled the choices leaving most of them vulnerable without any alternative but rather struggling to survive. The relation between poverty and disability is commonly accepted as a vicious cycle,its a two way realationship. Disability adds to the risk of poverty and conditions of poverty increase the risk of disability, Disability places constraints on an individuals earning capacity through sometimes a reduced ability to work,lack of accessibility in work environment and discrimination.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Massage by Executive Director

Its very unfortunate that after nine months in the mothers womb a baby is born only to be disabled, Its frustrating  to both the parents the child and the entire community. I appeal to the disability community to learn to live with it. For those who think that once disabled then you are useless that is a wrong mentality and must be dealt with, We can perfom to ones expectations once given chance. Some unqualified health personels have also contributed to cause disability by improper injections, wrong dosages, prescribing the use of medicines.
Disability is once and for all and can be prevented but it needs combined efforts.